Price Changes

We’ve reviewed our rates…

Dear Customers

We’ve been through a lot since 2013 when I (Iselde) first took over Absolute Therapy including a relocation and most recently, the employment of our Acupuncturist/Receptionist.Ā You’ve stuck with us and seen our services expand and amazing Therapists join the team along the way and we love that you are part of this mutually beneficial journey with us! Plus, I’m pretty sure you get good karma points for supporting a small, local business šŸ˜‰

Recently I’ve undertaken a review of all our expenses and charges to ensure our market position is accurately reflected. We’re not the most expensive Therapists’ in town and you will continue to receive passionate, qualified, registered TherapistsĀ giving you top of the range, effective services.Ā 

The new prices will come into effect on May 01st 2018.

For now they are published on our websiteĀ  so look up your favorite service to see our new rates and shop before May to save!