‘GUST’ Ceramic Art Giveaway

‘GUST’ an Autumn Leaves installation by local artist, Rebecca Flowerday a.k.a. Potterazzi

Having completed the Otago Diploma of Ceramic Art, Rebecca Flowerday is now a full-time Wellington based Ceramic Artist. Her focus is on the fluid, naturalistic textures that can exemplify and embellishment that provides depth to sculptural pieces.

The Giveaway

We’ve teamed up to bring you one of these three stunning Autumn Leaf sets, to which photos do no justice, as a Giveaway! With every transaction at Absolute Therapy you can opt into the draw. The winner will be drawn and contacted on April 24th.


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Instagram: Potterazzinz


This installation of Autumn Leaves as a wall piece, captures the short lived and colourful days of a New Zealand Autumn.

As a compulsive gatherer of shells, driftwood and leaves, Rebecca has developed a range of glaze colour reminiscent of Autumn Leaves found on her walks of the Wellington bush.

Each leaf is a flowing, individual piece of stoneware which is fired up to 1130 degrees Celsius.

Slips and Underglazes are applied to add depth to the textures of the naked clay while high alkaline blue and earthy yellow glazes pool in the dips and recesses, creating a striking visual and tactile contrast.


As well as one set for this give away, we have several hand made sets at Absolute Therapy for sale. Each set of 6 leaves includes a hanging guide and hooks and is selling for $200.

Payment Accepted:

Cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard. (Online transfer by arrangement only)

GUST ceramic art close up