Micropigmentation (Cosmetic Tattooing)

Micropigmentation (Cosmetic Tattooing) 2018-02-26T01:50:13+00:00

Micropigmentation, or Cosmetic Tattooing can save time on a daily make-up routine, restore symmetry or enhance features after facial injury or surgery.

All treatments require a top up or perfecting appointment within 4-6 weeks of the initial treatment at a cost of $100-$150 depending on the colour retention, to be considered complete. This is a part of the treatment as a whole as most clients will notice fading of 40%-70%. In some cases there will need to be more frequent top ups, this can be due to medications, aftercare or skin types and will be discussed during your consultation.


We discuss your pre-care and the appropriate treatment for the desired outcome. We run a patch test for any reactions to the pigment and tint and shape the brows prior to the treatment. Any questions you have will be answered and paperworks will be given to read through before the treatment begins.

Microblading/Feathering/3D Brows

We use a manual tool to create the most natural brows possible. Using ultra-fine hair strokes to boost the existing brows you are looking to achieve. This technique will create a realistic brow, transforming the shape, position and colour of your brows.

Powder Brows

Using a small hand held machine the colour is implanted in a way similar to that of a tattoo yet not as deeply which will give options to make changes over time with fading. Powder colour is popular among those looking to achieve shape and definition, giving a similar finish to that of brow pencils or powders.

Combination Brows

A mixture of both stroke and powder techniques which gives the brow a defined look with soft strokes towards the inside of the brow. A winning combination and a popular choice for many.

Eyeliner Top & Bottom

Enhancing the eyes by adding definition throughout the lashes and above. We can add thickness, length and colour to emphasize the shape and colour of your eyes.

Eyeliner Top or Bottom

Here we work in either area to enhance where necessary.

Lip Blend, Enhancement or Full Lip Creation

This treatment can create fuller lips, hide fine lines around the lip line, create balance, reshape uneven lips and restore colour to faded lips. We can add definition by using a colour similar to your natural tones or add full colour to match your favourite lipstick shade.

Beauty Spot

Beauty spots or freckles can now be achieved by anyone with this treatment.


Consultation (45 mins) $40

Microblading / feathering / 3D brows (2 hours)$250 – $300

Powder brows (2 hours)$300

Combination brwos (2 hours)$350

Eyeliner top & bottom (2 hours)$250

Eyeliner top or bottom (90 mins)$150

Lip blend, enhancement or full lipcreation (2.5 hours)$250 – $300

Beauty spot or freckles (60 mins max)$150 – $200

Payments accepted

Cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard. (Online transfer by arrangement only.)


Our Specialists

Abby Crystal

Micropigmentation Services & Training post-grad cert. in Micropigmentation ’15. CIBTAC dip. Aesthetic Treatments ’08