Our Wellington beauty clinic offers you a wide range of Waxing and Tinting services.

Men’s Waxing


All of back, including waxing the top of shoulders and neck


All of chest, including tops of shoulders

Back & Chest

Full arm

Full leg

Great for cyclists and swimmers

Women’s Waxing


The most modest bikini wax, includes hairs outside the underwear line


Higher up and further in than a bikini and a small tidy up across the top

Brazilian – 1st visit

All off, front and back or leave a strip

Brazilian – repeat

When done within 6 weeks of your last brazilian

1/2 leg

Upper or lower leg, including the knee

3/4 leg

Lower leg, knee & half way up the thigh

Full leg 

Upper and lower leg

Half arm 

Full arm 




Eyebrow shape / tidy 

Lip & Chin 


Eyebrow tint 

The perfect temporary way to enhance your features – for a more permanent look try Henna Brows.

Eyelash tint 

While the tint does its job, enjoy a gentle hand massage with your choice of Surmanti hand cream.


Mens Waxing

Back (30 mins)$60

Chest (30 mins)$60

Back &  chest (60 mins)$100

Full arm (35 mins)$60

Full leg (60 mins)$100

Womens Waxing (Same prices for honey waxing)

Bikini (15 mins)$40

G-string (20 mins)$55

Brazilian (45 mins)$75

Brazilian repeat (30 mins) $60

1/2 leg (20 mins)$40

3/4 leg (30 mins)$50

Full leg (30 mins)$70

1/2 arm (20 mins)$35

Full arm (30 mins)$50

Underarm (15 mins)$30

Lip (15 mins)$25

Chin (15 mins)$25

Lip & chin (15 mins)$40

Eyebrow shape/tidy (15 mins)$30


Eyebrows (15 mins)$25

Eyelashes (25 mins)$30

Henna Brows (45 mins) $75


Eye trio (45 mins)$65

Full face (45 mins)$90

1/2 leg & bikini or underarm (30 mins)$60

Full leg & bikini or underarm (60 mins)$95

Payments accepted

Cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Bartercard. (Online transfer by arrangement only.)

Henna Brows 

Brow Henna is the perfect go to for anyone wanting a longer lasting tint effect for their brows. The Henna provides a ‘tattoo effect’ on the skin which can last up to 6 weeks – we consider it the perfect tool when considerring your first cosmetic tattoo! Brow Henna comes in a rich pallet of natural shades to suit all skin types and hair colours.

Our Brow Henna also helps to restore eyebrow growth by up to 60% which makes it a perfect step in your brow rehab. Whether it be over tweezed, weakened or sparse hairs, Brow Henna helps to strengthen and boost your brow health with each treatment.

No harsh hydrogen peroxide is used to assist in the colouring so this is a great choice for anyone who experiences reactions or those who simply prefer to use more natural products on their skin.


Eye trio

Eyebrow shape or tidy and tinting for your eyebrows and eyelashes

Full face package 

Includes lip and chin wax, eyebrow shape or tidy and tinting for your eyebrows and eyelashes

1/2 leg & bikini or underarm 

Upper or lower leg, including the knee and includes a standard bikini wax

Full leg & bikini or underarm 

Full leg and includes a standard bikini wax

Our Specialists

Monica Sun

Monica Sun

NZARBT. National & Internationally Qualified Beauty Therapist: National Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Diploma CEDISCO.