Cancellation Policy

Need to cancel or postpone your appointment?

Contact us now.

Absolute Therapy has a 24 hour, full fee applied cancellation policy.

Our 24 hour cancellation policy is a courtesy to our self employed therapist’s, and to allow people on our waiting list a chance at a treatment themselves. We are a busy clinic and usually have stressed or injured people on our waiting list and it is a shame if they miss out on available treatments due to short notice of cancelled bookings.

If we are only informed of a cancellation or postponement within the 24 hour period prior to your appointment, the full fee may be charged.

Did you know you can request extra reminders?

We automatically attach a text reminder to your booking that comes out 2 days before your appointment to give you a reminder that there is 24 hours before the cancellation policy takes effect in case you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

At your request we can add extra reminders in the form of text, email or even a phone call. We can send these out immediately (good for confirmation of booking if you need to enter it into your calendar when you get home or back to work) or up to a week, a day or 1 – 2 hours before your booking.