Clinical Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of hypnosis. 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of communication that uses psychological procedures to generate change and healing that we offer right here in Wellington.

It is an astonishingly quick and effective way of bringing about positive changes. It has a broad application base and is used to facilitate many different kinds of changes, for example: Behavioural changes: motivation, relaxation, confidence, stopping smoking, weight loss, anger management. Fears & phobias: flying, public speaking, spiders, heights. Health: Pain management, stress management, anxiety depression, IBS etc.


Clinical hypnotherapy (60mins) $138

Clinical hypnotherapy (90 mins) $207

Payments accepted

Cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard. (Online transfer by arrangement only.)

How it works

The best way to explain hypnotherapy is that it’s like having someone gently guide you through a wonderfully relaxing daydream. It can be an incredibly soothing experience. In fact, during your hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist leads you into a calm and relaxed state of mind which is very similar to when you’re totally absorbed in a very pleasant daydream. When you’re in this incredibly calm state of mind the hypnotherapist can help you bypass your critical, logical mind and make beneficial, positive suggestions directly to your subconscious mind to change unwanted patterns of behaviour for the better.

Contrary to what is shown in movies or talked about in the media, hypnosis is not a mystical and magical process, but rather a rational, logical and learnable skill. That skill comprises a series of mental attitudes and strategies a person learns and adopts, as opposed to hypnosis being something that is ‘done’ to the person This essentially means the person takes ownership of, and is in control of the process, with the hypnotherapist simply acting as the skilled and experienced guide.

Our Specialists

Tony Yuile

Tony Yuile

Dip. Clinical & Advanced Hypnotherapy (DipCAH); Hypnotherapy Practitioner Dip. (HPD); Specialist Hypnotherapy Certs. Depression, Anxiety, Smoking, Ericksonian Hypnosis. Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner; Certified Timeline Therapist; Certified Life Coach.