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- 1557.jpgAll Absolute Therapy Therapists hold a minimum of a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage or higher (or equivalent in their relevant profession) and have a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding body dynamics.

We provide the calm & relaxing atmosphere of a Day Spa mixed with the Professionalism of a Clinical Practice.

Each treatment is customised to your needs with a consultation at the beginning and feedback or aftercare advice at the end. Massage Treatments may include a mix of swedish, deep tissue, dry needling, sports and trigger point therapies. All massages include some relaxation techniques to make you feel like you've had a truly healing massage.

We are a busy practice, we owe this to not only our professionalism and knowledge, but also because of the care we take of the people that come to see us. We listen to the issues causing dysfunction, ask the right questions to find out about other contributing factors and offer advice that may assist in the healing process.

Our treatment rooms are spacious and inviting and all the towels and linen we use for your treatment are fresh and clean.

We do really good honest massage focused on results. Aromatic oils, skilled hands and hot towels will help to soothe the muscles and the senses.

We also have top notch natural health practioners providing:

Dry Needling

Eating & Body Image Difficulty Assistance

Life Coaching/ Hypnotherapy/ NLP

Manual Lymphatic Drainage



Ph. 04 801-8284

email info@absolutetherapy.co.nz


We look forward to meeting you.

Iselde and the Absolute Therapy team. 


Important Note

Unless stated otherwise, all promotions are only offered by the Absolute Therapy team, not the Associated Therapists who only rent space here.

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